At Your Service.


Welcome to my digital home base. Here's a short story about my journey:


My family is from Puerto Rico and by the time I was born in New York City, we were heavy into music. We had a an awesome sound system at home and if mom and dad weren't cranking some salsa music, by brother and sisters were playing Michael and Janet Jackson or The Beastie Boys.


When I was 9 and first heard my older brother playing the trumpet, it was like a lightning bolt to my chest. We were outside and I knew that the rich sound could be heard for a mile or more. It changed my life instantly. I went on to study Performing Arts and some jazz in Virginia, earned a Masters in Music Business from the University of Miami, and then moved to Las Vegas where I've performed regularly at Casino Resorts and managed events since 2006. 


Throughout my journey I have kept two words at the forefront of everything I do: "Vibe Elevation".

This is how I describe the approach I bring to every occasion. I passionately devote my craft to enhance and grow the overall vibe in the space I am in. Whether it's a nightlife setting, poolside at a resort, or at a wedding reception, I wish to give guests a refined, LIVE musical experience that has the power to resonate in a memorable way. 

With two decades of experience in the entertainment industry I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with and perform for Award Winning Resort Properties, Fortune 500 Companies, top tier Nightlife Destinations, Globally Recognized Brands, and a multitude of high end private events. Simply put, I absolutely love what I do and welcome the opportunities to perform.