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"Rico performed at my wedding on April 22nd, 2022 and he was an absolute delight. He took our wedding to the next level by adding his soulful spin to all of our favorite songs. I was able to send him a few songs before the wedding which he learned, no problem. He played when I walked down the aisle and everyone said it was pure magic. He also played with my DJ during the reception and it made it seem like I had a band at my wedding without actually having one. Live music makes everything better and Rico can play any song, any time. I would recommend him 1000 times over and I wish I could have him come to all of my life events. Thank you so much Rico!!! "   -Alison


“When it came to my wedding, I had very specific ideas about the music I wanted played; and to this day, the music is one of my fondest memories from my wedding.  Rico was my first choice for a musician at the ceremony.  I wanted a grand entrance for the bridal party and bridal entrance.  Rico on trumpet was just what I was looking for."    -Ashleigh

"Your talents on the trumpet really shined through that evening and allowed everyone to not only enjoy the wedding, but really be able to have an unforgettable experience."   -Sandy 

Rico was nothing short of a delight. Working with him was an experience I am so lucky to have shared with the rest of the wedding party and guests and hearing the way he plays is absolutely magical. He was able to capture what the beautiful meaning of celebration and marriage is with music. I hope to work with him again.   - Samantha (Wedding Coordinator)


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